Plant-based chef and supper club host Gordon whips up PMJ debut

Plant-based chef and supper club host Gordon whips up PMJ debut

Penguin Michael Joseph has acquired The Whole Vegetable, the debut cookbook from seasonal chef and plant-based supper club host Sophie Gordon. 

The title will be published in hardback and e-book on 6th January 2022 and will feature more than 130 "creative, delicious, eco-conscious" recipes which put vegetables at the centre of the table and embrace "often discarded parts such as leaves, stalks, tops, flowers, seeds and even peelings". Recipes include cauliflower carbonara, broccoli pesto and chunky pumpkin tacos. 

Gordon is a plant-based chef, recipe developer, caterer, sustainability campaigner and entrepreneur and currently runs the South East London Supper Club and the newly launched Whole Vegetable supper club. She said: "I'm so delighted that my book will be coming out with Penguin Michael Joseph. I can’t wait to share my love and passion of being in the kitchen, creating seasonal meals, celebrating vegetables in all their glory, whilst keep waste minimal along the way. It’s been an absolute dream of a journey."

Ione Walder, non-fiction publisher, bought world rights from Rachel Mills at Rachel Mills Literary. 

She said: "Sophie’s mission is to create a step-change in how people think about and prepare their food, showing us how to cook and eat more consciously and generate less waste. She has created an incredible bible of a book that resounds with this ethos: use every part of your ingredients, celebrate them, enjoy them, don’t squander them. Her beautifully original recipes prove that plant-based eating can be exciting and joyful, certainly not about sacrifice. She’s created a new blueprint for the kitchen."

Mills added: "Sophie's incredible cooking has delighted countless retreat guests all over the globe, and her supper clubs sell out within the hour. I'm so thrilled Penguin Michael Joseph are publishing her book and sharing her sumptuous, nutritious, planet-friendly recipes with the world."