Pluto Press to join Women's Strike on International Women's Day

Pluto Press to join Women's Strike on International Women's Day

Women workers at radical publisher Pluto Press are going on strike for International Women’s Day as part of a national campaign.

The publisher will shut its Highgate office to join the Women’s Strike in Russell Square, London on Friday 8th March. Organised by the Women’s Strike Assembly UK and part of action taking place around the globe, workers are staging walkouts to protest against unfair conditions.

The publisher said in a statement: “Pluto Press is not just a publisher of radical books, we are also a group of people who take politics seriously. We are committed to radical social, political and economic transformation of the current system, and an end to all forms of exploitation and oppression.”

It added: "As a radical publisher, we feel it is important not just to publish books for and by radical feminists, but also to support campaigns where theory can be put into practice.”

Alongside the strike, Pluto is donating 10% of sales through its website to the Women’s Strike Fund on orders placed between 8th February and 16th February.

The press has interviewed strike organisers Camille Barbagallo and Tithi Bhattacharya for its Radicals in Conversation podcast. Pluto has also published Bhattacharya’s book Social Reproduction Theory.