Pitcher debut for Orion Children's Books

<p>Orion Children&rsquo;s Books has bought <em>My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece</em>, a debut novel from author Annabel Pitcher.</p><p>In a major deal, negotiated with Catherine Clarke of the Felicity Bryan Agency, publisher Fiona Kennedy acquired UK and Commonwealth rights. Offers are already in from publishers in Europe and ongoing auctions are taking place in several countries, the publisher said.</p><p>Narrated by ten year old Jamie with all of the honesty and quirky insight that comes from such a young perspective, the is about life after tragedy: a novel that documents the falling apart of a family and the ways that they find of rebuilding their lives.</p><p><em>My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece</em> will be published in hardback in spring 2011. Kennedy said: &quot;We&rsquo;re all absolutely thrilled to have acquired Annabel&rsquo;s debut novel, it&rsquo;s written with such poise, perspicacity and wisdom. We haven&rsquo;t got anything like it on our list, so it&rsquo;s a fabulous addition for us. Annabel&rsquo;s a dream author and undoubtedly a writer with a significant future.&quot;</p>