Pippa Wright debut novel to Pan Macmillan

<p>Pan Macmillan has bought UK rights to a debut novel by Pippa Wright, the former rights director of Hodder &amp; Stoughton. Jenny Geras, senior commissioning editor for fiction, bought Katy Henderson Loses Control at auction from Andrew Kidd director of Aitken Alexander Associates.</p><p>Geras said: &quot;We&rsquo;re all thrilled that Pippa is coming to Pan Macmillan. Katy Henderson Loses Control is the funniest, cleverest and most original debut novel I&rsquo;ve read in this genre for a long time.&quot;<br /><br /><em>Katy Henderson Loses Control</em> is about a risk averse and romantically challenged young woman who finally throws caution, and possibly reason, to the wind. Pan Macmillan will publish the title in April 2011.<br /><br />Rights to the book have also been sold to Blanvalet in Germany and The House of Books in the Netherlands. The book was also pre-empted by Belfond in France. <br /></p>