New Pinch of Nom cookbook slated for December

New Pinch of Nom cookbook slated for December

Bestselling bloggers-turned-cookbook authors Kay Featherstone and Kate Allinson have revealed details for their second cookbook, Pinch of Nom: Everyday Light for Bluebird, featuring recipes which all consist of 400 calories or less.

The record-breaking authors have promised “great-tasting food” and “hassle-free slimming” in the book’s 108 recipes. Everyday Light will be published on 12th December retailing at £20 in hardback, and is the second in a three-book deal announced in March.

It is the duo’s third title and their second cookbook, following the enormous success of their previous two - in July it was revealed they had topped the authors' earnings chart for the first half of the year. Their March debut Pinch of Nom (Bluebird) has sold 910,786 copies for £9.1m to date, while the Pinch of Nom Food Planner sold a further 108,422 since publication in June, according to Nielsen BookScan.

Almost half the recipes in Everyday Light are vegetarian and most of them can be made in under 30 minutes, Bluebird said.

“From breakfast, batch cooking, quick meals and the return of their hugely popular fake-aways, the delicious Everyday Light recipes have the Pinch of Nom quality guarantee: tried and tested by twenty Pinch of Nom community members to ensure they are healthy, full of flavour and easy to make,” Bluebird said.

“All of the Everyday Light dishes are either complete meals, or the Pinch of Nom team have suggested an accompaniment that will still bring the dish in at under 400 calories. Most recipes are packed with vegetables and protein – perfect for keeping meals lean while making sure you’re full until your next meal.” 

Recipes include Hash Brown Breakfast Bake, Crying Tiger Beef, Sweet Patatas Bravas, Raspberry Elderflower Swirl.

Featherstone and Allinson said: “We were overwhelmed by all of the support and by how much people loved making the recipes. We enjoyed watching post after post in our Facebook group of all the recipes being made. That’s what it’s all about for us – getting people back into the kitchen and cooking for all the family, whilst making healthy, calorie-friendly swaps.”

The Pinch of Nom website was created in January 2016 by Allinson, a chef, and Featherstone, and a restauranteur, both from near Liverpool, with the aim of teaching people how to cook.

A second food planner from the pair is scheduled for 19th March 2020.