Pigeonhole to launch 'disappearing book'

Pigeonhole to launch 'disappearing book'

Online publishing platform The Pigeonhole is launching its first "disappearing book" with new Scandi crime thriller Victim Without a Face by Stefan Ahnhem (Head of Zeus).

Subscribers will be sent one "stave" every day starting from 18th April which will consist of a few chapters. Readers will then have just 24 hours to read each stave before it disappears. The Pigeonhole will be giving away the first 250 subscriptions for free.

The novel follows criminal investigator Fabian Risk who is asked to investigate the brutal murder of one of his former classmates. Soon the bodies of more classmates are found, and Risk finds himself in a race against time to find the murderer before the entire class is killed.

Victim Without a Face is to be read "through the fingers", with each new murder "more grisly and inventive than the last", the platform has said.

Ahnhem is an established screenwriter for both TV and film. Victim Without a Face is his first novel and the TV series is currently in production with Nordisk, set to be released this year.

Victim Without a Face was first published in the UK in November 2015 as an e-book and January 2016 as a hardback.