Pichon launch prompts shoe auction for NLT

Pichon launch prompts shoe auction for NLT

Author Liz Pichon is spearheading an online auction to raise money for the National Literacy Trust, as part of her latest book launch. 

Pichon and a group of UK illustrators have designed shoes, in keeping with the spirit of Pichon's upcoming novel Shoe Wars, (Scholastic UK), for the public to bid on. Some designs have been created on paper, with others decorated straight onto a shoe. Cressida Cowell, Chris Riddell, Steven Lenton and Nadira Sheen are among the group whose designs will be auctioned. Participants can also bid for a custom designed pair of shoes from Pichon, available through E-bay.

The money raised will go to the NLT's campaign to close the attainment gap caused by lockdown. According to the organisation, one in four parents said their children did not have access to their own books or library materials, due to the widespread closure of schools and public services. Funds raised by the auction will go towards supplying children with books for schooling and pleasure. 

Jonathan Douglas, c.e.o, at the NLT, said: “Covid-19 is set to have a disastrous impact on the literacy of many children from disadvantaged communities, who already leave primary school significantly behind their peers in reading. By bringing the magical world of stories to children who need it most, we can start to combat the potential long-term impact that school closures will otherwise have on these children’s life chances if their literacy ability falls even further behind. 

“We cannot thank Liz and her wonderful team of children’s illustrators enough for supporting our work at this crucial time. Every penny raised from the auction will help us towards achieving our ambition to support the literacy, learning and wellbeing of one million children most seriously affected by Covid-19 over the coming year.”

Liz Pichon said: “I'm so grateful to all the amazingly talented illustrators that took part in the Gadget Shoe auction for the National Literacy Trust. It's been amazing to see their fabulous shoe creations. I want them all! I hope they raise lots of money for the National Literacy Trust which does such brilliant work.”

The auction will go live at midnight tonight (15th October), with bidding open for 10 days.