Picasso's genius explored by neuroscience

A popular science book by British neuroscientist Professor Christine Temple about the artist Pablo Picasso is the first acquisition by Jamie Joseph for Constable & Robinson's new psychology list.

Joseph bought UK & Commonwealth rights to Picasso's Brain from Patrick Walsh at Conville & Walsh.

Temple, who heads the psychology and neuroscience department of Essex University, has performed research into exceptionally talented individuals. She also happens to be an avid art collector, and it was on buying some of Picasso's original prints that she realised that Picasso displayed all the neuroscientific markers of genius, including adult playfulness and the ability to make links between seemingly unrelated subjects.

Picasso's Brain, which Temple has taken a sabbatical to write, will explore the artist
through the prism of her scientific discipline, bridging science and the arts. Walsh praised Temple's "clear, crisp" style, calling her "a great find".