Picador buys brand Bola

<p>Picador has announced its first acquisitions under new publisher Paul Baggaley, including 11 novels by the cult Chilean writer Roberto Bola&ntilde;o.</p><p>Bola&ntilde;o&#39;s epic work <em>2666</em> has just been published by Picador to critical acclaim, hitting the top 10 original fiction bestseller list. Baggaley bought <em>The Third Reich</em>, a novel completed by Bola&ntilde;o shortly before his death in 2003 and as yet unpublished in any language, from Sarah Chalfant at the Wylie Agency. It will be published in 2011.</p><p>Baggaley has also acquired 10 other Bola&ntilde;o titles, previously untranslated into English, from Tim Bates at Pollinger on behalf of the US publisher New Directions. The first of these, <em>Amulet</em>, will be published in hardback this autumn, alongside the paperback of 2666. The remaining Bola&ntilde;o novels will be published over the following two years. </p><p>Baggaley said: &quot;We are creating a whole look for Bola&ntilde;o, creating a brand. We could never have expected the level of response that <em>2666 </em>has created and you do have to take advantage of that.&quot; He described Bola&ntilde;o as, &quot;a cult writer we can all discover, producing challenging, weird, extra&shy;ordinary but also completely readable novels&quot;.</p><p>Baggaley, who joined Pan Macmillan from HarperCollins late last year, added: &quot;I held my first Picador meeting in November, against the background of the global financial crisis. But we&#39;ve had tremendous support from [Pan Macmillan m.d.] Anthony Forbes-Watson and there&#39;s such a will from within the company, where the sales people love Picador and want us to be publishing exciting books. Picador suffered slightly from not having a pub&shy;lisher here [the imprint was without a publisher for several months before Baggaley&#39;s appointment], so some deals weren&#39;t being finalised, while the editors were also waiting for me to arrive to know if I took a dif&shy;ferent view [on <br />acquisitions].&quot;</p><p>Baggaley has also acquired <em>Ilustrado </em>by Miguel Syjuco, winner of the Man Asian Literary Prize, an &quot;incredibly playful, postmodern&quot; novel about a great Filipino writer. Picador bought the book from Peter Straus on behalf of Melanie Jackson and will publish in spring 2010.</p><p>Also announced this week were new deals with existing Picador authors. John Banville has signed up for two detective novels under his pseudonymn Benjamin Black, bought from Ed Victor; Oliver Sacks will write <em>The Mind&#39;s Eye</em>, a book about how we perceive the world, bought from Andrew Wylie of the Wylie Agency; and Peter Godwin will write an up-to-the-minute account of Mugabe&#39;s years in power in Zimbabwe, <em>The Fear,</em> also bought from Andrew Wylie. </p><p>Other acquisitions include a novel about bereavement,<em> One Moment, One Morning</em> by young British writer Sarah Rayner, bought by Picador&#39;s Sam Humphreys from Vivien Green at Sheil Land. </p>