Piatkus to publish new urban fantasy series by Lindsay J Pryor

Piatkus to publish new urban fantasy series by Lindsay J Pryor

Piatkus has acquired three books from paranormal romance author Lindsay J Pryor, including two books in a spin-off series called Lowdown to her dystopian Blackthorn series published by Bookouture.

Anna Boatman, editorial director at Piatkus Fiction, bought world English rights to books in the new series from the author directly, as well as another unrelated title by the author.

The Blackthorn and Lowtown series are both set in an alternate reality, a world where disadvantaged humans and the ‘third species’ are forced to reside together under an oppressive system governed by the privileged. 

Boatman said: "I’ve been a fan of Lindsay’s writing for many years, she’s a perfect fit for Piatkus and I’m beyond thrilled to bring her uniquely addictive brand of gritty, sexy urban fantasy to new readers in print and e-book."

Pryor added: "With the finale of my Blackthorn series approaching, I’ve been receiving an increasing number of requests for a spin-off. Lowtown, Blackthorn’s neighbouring district in my urban dystopia, is the obvious location for new stories. I’m just so thrilled my readers are asking to spend more time in my world, especially as I’m not ready to leave it yet either! I’ve no doubt Piatkus will be the perfect home for my new books and I’m elated to be working with the passionate team there."

 The first in the Lowtown series will be published by Piatkus in November 2017.