Piatkus to publish 'much-needed counterweight' to the plant-based diet

Piatkus to publish 'much-needed counterweight' to the plant-based diet

Piatkus will publish The Great Plant-Based Con by Jayne Buxton. 

Non-Fiction publisher Zoe Bohm acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Euan Thorneycroft at A M Heath. Publication is scheduled for January 2022. 

The Great Plant-Based Con is said to provide a "much-needed counterweight" to the arguments for a plant-based diet. The synopsis asks: "What if the statistics driving the plant-based movement were misleading or even false? What if we were being manipulated by a happy coalition of vested interests that includes environmentalists, Big Pharma, Big Food, established dietary advice organisations, and even a little known but rich and powerful religious group with a long-standing commitment to a vegan diet? What if removing animal foods from our diet was a serious threat to human health, and a red herring in the fight against climate change?"

Buxton commented: "The time is absolutely right for new voices to come forward to counter the plant-based dogma that currently runs through so much public and private discourse about health and the environment. I am proud to be one of those voices, and thrilled to be working with Piatkus to elucidate what I believe to be one of the defining issues of our time: the question of what we should eat to optimise human and planetary health."

Bohm added: "I was hugely impressed by the depth of Jayne’s research into plant-based eating and its implications for the health of individuals and our planet. Jayne has already made me rethink the way I eat and I can’t wait to share her powerful and thought-provoking insights on this subject with readers everywhere."