Piatkus to publish on mental wellbeing at work

Piatkus to publish on mental wellbeing at work

Piatkus is publishing Gabriella Braun's "wise and humane exploration of workplace psychology", challenging readers to improve their wellbeing and performance at work by asking the question: who do you bring with you to work?

Holly Harley, commissioning editor at Piatkus, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to All That We Are from Imogen Pelham at Marjacq.

In All That We Are, Braun shares insights from over 20 years of using psychoanalysis "to uncover layers of emotional entanglements in the workplace". In a collection of stories from her experience and case studies, she seeks to demonstrate "how it is impossible for us to leave our unconscious selves at home, and how by understanding the part our unconscious plays, we can improve our wellbeing and performance at work, as well as our relationships with colleagues".

Braun is the director of Working Well, a consultancy firm specialised in helping leaders and teams better understand their work dynamics and behaviour to change their lives in the workplace for the better. Among her clients are the British Library, RADA, TATE, Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, University of Cambridge and Queen Mary, University of London. 

Braun said: "I’m delighted to have found a great home with Piatkus. I wanted to illuminate our multifaceted selves, the complex way our minds really work and how difficult it is being human. I see the damage we cause in the workplace by persistently ignoring this. I hope my book opens up conversations about who we are and how we can work more humanely. And I hope it encourages people to improve their working lives."

Harley said "I’m thrilled to be publishing Gabriella’s insightful and timely exploration of how we lose and find ourselves at work. Our experiences and baggage unconsciously shape us in different ways, and All That We Are demonstrates how appreciating that difference is key to a more compassionate work life. I’m also excited for the way the book will engage with hot-button issues like the dearth of adequate mental health support in many workplaces."

Piatkus will publish All That We Are in February 2022.