Piatkus to publish guide to biological and psychological impact of motherhood

Piatkus to publish guide to biological and psychological impact of motherhood

Piatkus has acquired The Motherhood Complex by science journalist Melissa Hogenboom, examining both the biological and psychological changes during pregnancy and motherhood, and how they influence a woman’s sense of self. 

The book will explore how the brain changes during pregnancy, the psychological impact of changing physicality, the intrusion of technology on modern motherhood, and how external events and society at large can influence mothers. 

Describing The Motherhood Complex as "a parenting book in a new sense", by helping women to navigate "a period of huge change", Holly Harley, commissioning editor at Piatkus, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Catherine Cho at Madeleine Milburn.

Hogenboom, who is also editor of the global digital documentary platform BBC Reel and a current Learning Science Exchange (LSX) fellow, said she was "excited to explore the paradox of how motherhood defines us, when in many areas of life it shouldn’t".

"This is such an important dilemma to address precisely because motherhood brings with it such an irreversible and dramatic identity change that has far-reaching impacts," she said. "I hope book will help readers to better understand the reasons behind these abrupt changes and ultimately empower us all to embrace them for the better."

Harley praised Hogenboom's "wit, erudition and a mastery of her sources", calling her "the perfect guide to the levels of change in our identity that motherhood brings".

"The Motherhood Complex is a parenting book in a new sense: interweaving discoveries from the latest research with her own experience as a working mother of two, Melissa helps women navigate a period of huge change that has for too long been shrouded in unnecessary mystery, sexist tropes and scientific neglect," said Harley. 

Piatkus will publish The Motherhood Complex in May 2021. 

It follows a guide to anxiety for mothers, focused on improving mental wellbeing in motherhood, which Piatkus publishes in May 2020.