Piatkus lands Silverton's 'authentic' parenting guide

Piatkus lands Silverton's 'authentic' parenting guide

Piatkus is to publish a parenting guide from broadcaster Kate Silverton, There's No Such Thing as Naughty, next spring. 

Non-fiction publisher Zoe Bohm acquired world rights from Pangolin Media Ltd.

Described as "engaging" and "authentic" by the publisher, the guide is aimed at parents with children aged 0 to 5, and draws on scientific research into child brain development. It promises to divulge the "secret to stopping a temper tantrum in seconds" and "how to rescue the relationship between time-poor parents and compromised kids".

The synopsis states: "There’s No Such Thing As Naughty will be an engaging, fun and warm guide to parenting under-fives that will completely redefine how we see and raise our children.

"This unique book will not only draw on research into child brain development to reveal why young children behave they way they do, it will also empower parents to raise their children in a caring, considerate and empathetic way. Not just a book for parenting in the present, it will consider how parenting in the early years will have a profound impact on the rest of a child’s life and give parents the tools to futureproof the mental health and emotional wellbeing of their children."

Silverton is a BBC broadcaster and journalist, and is training to be a children's counsellor, intending to qualify as child and adult psychotherapist. She said: "Never has there been a more urgent time for parents to feel empowered and equipped to help their children to thrive in the current challenging landscape. I have written this book for parents everywhere, to help our children grow up to be the best versions of themselves they can be, to help them to build the resilience, empathy and emotional regulation they will need to overcome the challenges modern life will inevitably send their way.

"This book will help us as parents understand why our children do what they do—to enable us to understand them and respond to their behaviour in a way that will build the qualities they will need in life—all of it told through my own parenting experience and those of the many incredible parents I have met along the way."
Commenting on the acquisition, Bohm said: "It’s a real privilege to work with an author as enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable as Kate Silverton. The combination of her experience training as a children’s counsellor and as a mother of two with her extensive research into child brain development, collected through interviews with leading neuroscientists and psychiatrists, has come together as an extremely thought-provoking and important book that will be invaluable to parents everywhere."
The book will be published in April 2021.