Piatkus gets F*cked

Piatkus gets F*cked

Piatkus has acquired "an uncensored conversation about sex and self" called F*cked from the creators of anti slut-shaming podcast "Guys We F*cked".

The book, subtitled Being Sexually Explorative and Self-confident in a World that's Screwed, is being marketed as "a guide to love and sex for anyone who has ever felt afraid to be their authentic sexual self". 

Jillian Young, commissioning editor for Piatkus non-fiction, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to the book, by comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, from Rachel Clements at Abner Stein. 

Fisher and Hutchinson started the "Guys We F*cked" podcast in 2013, intending to interview men they'd slept with in a bid to learn more about themselves and squash stigma associated with sexual women. However, as the podcast grew, they also got to know their fans and their stories of sexual assault, as well as verbal and emotional abuse, which became common topics of discussion alongside humorous conversations about "taboo" sex topics. The podcast has 325K weekly listeners, 325K subscribers on SoundCloud and around 38.5 million listens overall, while in February the pair also performed two sold out shows at the Soho Theatre in London.

The book will now pull together "a mix of raw, ridiculous and serious sexual conversation" to the page, according to Piatkus. Coverage extends to shame, sexual exploration, snooping, nitpicking our bodies and faking orgasms, asking your sexual partner uncomfortable questions, how to get yourself out of an unsafe situation, and masturbation, threesomes, porn and sex toys.

The book is publishing as a trade paperback and e-book, priced £12.99, on 24th October.