Piatkus to bring out 'guidebook on surviving the Covid-19 crisis'

Piatkus to bring out 'guidebook on surviving the Covid-19 crisis'

Piatkus is publishing "a guidebook on surviving the Covid-19 crisis, embracing the global pause and emerging with a new kind of future" by Beth Kempton.

In We Are in This Together, Kempton, who is the author of Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life, will write about "finding hope and opportunity in the depths of the pandemic". 

Due to publish in e-book on 14th May, World English language rights in the new book were acquired by Jillian Young, senior commissioning editor, from Caroline Hardman at Hardman & Swainson.

"We Are in This Together is a practical and inspiring compass for navigating these turbulent times, moving from resistance to resilience, to take care of yourself and your family in the chaos," reads the book's synopsis. "It will help you stay calm, figure out what to prioritise, simplify your life and lay the groundwork for renewal. Ultimately, it will inspire an awakening to the hope and potential that this situation offers us all.

"With perspectives from across the globe and a host of journal prompts to help you capture your own experience of this time, this book will be a comfort, and a gentle reminder of all we have to be grateful for.

"We are in this together. We will get through this together. And maybe, just maybe, the world will be a better place on the other side."

Kempton's books have been translated into 24 languages and she is also the founder and c.e.o. of Do What You Love, producing and delivering online courses and workshops to "live a more inspired life".

According to Piatkus, since the Covid-19 crisis began, Kempton and her husband Paul have partnered with ex-River Cottage TV chef Steven Lamb and his wife Elli to build a new virtual community, Slow Life Good Life, "to navigate through the turbulent times ahead, with grounding, practical and inspiring advice for families across the nation". The platform will feature some of chefs, farmers and wellness experts, with all proceeds from the initiative going towards feeding families and supporting rural businesses impacted by the crisis.