PFD loses Evelyn Waugh estate

<p>US agent Andrew Wylie has has snatched Evelyn Waugh&#39;s literary estate from PFD, the agency that handled it for the past 80 years, reports the <em>Times</em>.</p><p>According to the newspaper, &quot;it is the ease with which Mr Wylie nabbed the Waugh estate that will really set tongues wagging in the build-up to the annual gossip-fest that is next month&rsquo;s London Book Fair&quot;.</p><p>Apparently the Waughs were fed up with turmoil at PFD, which had represented the author since he wrote Decline and Fall in the late 1920s, and started seeking new representation.</p><p>&quot;Andrew was just unbelievably quick,&quot; Alexander Waugh said. &quot;No sooner had I said who I was and what I wanted than the telephone rang back. Andrew was very, very keen to do something with the Waugh estate.&quot; <br />The family had become alarmed by reports of problems at PFD and walk-outs by its agents. </p><p>PFD was quoted in the article: &quot;We will continue to maintain good and open relations as we continue to manage the existing contracts.&quot; </p>