PFD launches online books catalogue

PFD launches online books catalogue

Literary agency Peters Fraser + Dunlop has launched an online books catalogue and aims to have every agented book listed and available by 2024 in time for its 100th anniversary.

The catalogue is searchable by genre and lists titles from across the agency’s history including from its founding by A.D. Peters in 1924.

The catalogue includes titles by Ipso Books, PFD’s digital publishing company which launched in 2015 to publish classic crime, contemporary genre fiction and original non-fiction and places the agency’s estates alongside new talent.

Caroline Michel, c.e.o. of PFD, said: “If someone, somewhere wants to publish a book, a group of readers want to read it, or a producer wants to take it to the screen, there is no reason why that author should not be able to find an audience. Agencies have traditionally been very backward about listing their books online. [This new catalogue will] make the books easily searchable and available to anyone who wishes to take a look – whether browsing by crime and thriller, literary fiction, politics and economics or food and beyond. This is one way of pushing forward and it works for established authors and writers who are just starting out.”

Michael Sissons, senior consultant, added: “It is not enough to hide away books on a shelf and hope they will be picked up. Agents exist to champion authors and their writing in as many ways as possible.”

The catalogue can be viewed on the PFD website.