Petition to save BBC's 'The Strand'

Petition to save BBC's 'The Strand'

An online petition has been launched to save BBC World Service's global arts programme "The Strand"

The programme, presented by Harriett Gilbert, is due to be axed in April 2013.

Geraldine d'Amico, organiser of the Folkestone Book Festival and spoken word programmer at London's Kings Place, called on publishers and authors to sign the petition.

"'The Strand' is a great programme, they invite foreign writers and it's varied, its open," she said. "When I worked at Jewish Book Week, I often had speakers at 'The Strand'—it's so open to the world, and it's a vision of the UK shown to the world. If all publishers and authors who've been on the programme responded, it would hopefully make a difference."

The petition is available online