Penned in the Margins buys Anaxagorou collection

Penned in the Margins buys Anaxagorou collection

Indie Penned in the Margins has acquired what it is calling the "breakthrough" collection from Hackney-based poet Anthony Anaxagorou, After the Formalities.

Editor Tom Chivers "saw off interest from three other publishers" to secure the collection, which is said to explore ideas of division and dominance, incorporatng history, science and philosophy alongside autobiographical narratives to examine how race, class and masculinity is shaped in contemporary Britain. 

World rights were acquired from Claudia Young of Greene & Heaton, with Chivers terming the collection "technically achieved, emotionally transformative and razor-sharp". 

Anaxogorou said: "I feel British poetry is in the midst of an affirming renaissance and there's perhaps no better time to be publishing books." He paid tribute to Penned in the Margins for its "unparalleled" work "to help give impetus to widening audiences and cultural attitudes to poetry."

Publication will be in September 2019.