Penguin Ventures turns Ten Minutes To Bed into IP brand

Penguin Ventures turns Ten Minutes To Bed into IP brand

Penguin Ventures will introduce Ten Minutes To Bed, a new preschool Intellectual Property brand derived from the Ladybird Books picture book series.

“Taking inspiration from the latest toddler trends, Ten Minutes To Bed is a magical bedtime adventure featuring glittery unicorns and mischievous mermaids who live in The Land of Nod,” Penguin Ventures said. “A countdown to bedtime is at the heart of each enchanting tale, which weave a story from a lively beginning to a gentle end.” The IP brand was announced at Brand Licensing Europe (BLE), a pan-European event dedicated to licensing and brand extension in London. The book series was first published by Ladybird last year.

Susan Bolsover, licensing and consumer products director for Penguin Ventures, said:  “Our colleagues in Ladybird Books have created a truly magical and engaging series with Ten Minutes To Bed, securing impressive sales since the first title published in July 2018. With its strong aesthetic and clear parent-focussed proposition, Penguin Ventures recognised immediately the potential to develop this into a compelling new preschool IP.  For the launch phase we are focusing our attention on building the brand in the UK before looking to expand internationally.”

Shannon Cullen, publishing director for Ladybird added: “We’ve been blown away by the success of Ten Minutes to Bed. We’re so excited about the opportunity to work with our Ventures team to extend the brand beyond books, and bring the adventures of our little unicorns, mermaids and more to even more children.”

The Ten Minutes To Bed series has been sold into 11 languages since it launched in July 2018.  Penguin Ventures is now looking for licensees to partner with.