Penguin thrilled with Ambler

<p>Penguin has acquired five &quot;remarkable and prescient&quot; thrillers by Eric Ambler, who died in 1998. Simon Winder, publishing director bought the rights from Simon Clegg at Owatonna Media.</p><p>The five novels will be republished as Penguin Modern Classics in May 2009 in time for what would have been Ambler&#39;s 100th birthday. The five titles to be published are: <em>Journey into Fear</em>, <em>Epitaph for a Spy</em>, <em>The Mask of Dimitrios</em>, <em>Cause for Alarm</em> and <em>Uncommon Danger</em>.</p><p>Ambler has been called the inventor of the spy thriller. His bestselling novels have previously been made into films. <br /><br /></p>