Penguin to publish British Museum companion

<p>Penguin and the British Museum are to publish a 600-page illustrated companion to the BBC Radio 4 series &quot;A History of the World in 100 Objects&rdquo;. </p><p>World rights were acquired by Stuart Proffitt, publishing director of Penguin Press, after a &quot;vigorous series of interviews by the BM and the BBC&rdquo;. The book will be published in hardback from Allen Lane on 28th October (&pound;30). It will feature 250 illustrations, with all 100 of the objects discussed being pictured. </p><p>The publisher said <em>A History of the World in 100 Objects </em>would be &quot;an important history book in its own right&rdquo;. Proffitt described the radio series as &quot;a unique broadcasting event&rdquo; and said the idea of the book was &quot;not simply to preserve in written form the ideas . . . but to show that this is a new way of thinking and writing about the history of the world.&rdquo; </p>