Penguin Press wins auction for Ryan Avent

Penguin Press wins auction for Ryan Avent

Penguin Press has won an auction for a book by The Economist’s economics correspondent, Ryan Avent.

Editorial director Tom Penn acquired UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, to The Illusion of Stability: Work in the Twenty-First Century from Jonathan Conway of Jonathan Conway Literary Agency Ltd.

In The Illusion of Stability, Avent draws on his understanding of the “seismic changes facing today’s global labour market to reimagine our accepted definition of this fundamental aspect of society”.

Penn said: “As Ryan Avent notes, it’s hard to imagine a humanity in which work is not one of the defining characteristics of life and society – but what happens when, as it’s already doing at  a runaway rate, technology replaces human labour? If our lives are no longer organised around work, what are we here for? What will we do with ourselves? This is a sharp, profound exploration of one of the greatest and most troubling issues of our time and that of generations to come, by a major new talent.”

Conway has also sold North American rights at auction to Tim Bartlett, executive editor at St Martin’s Press and deals have also been concluded in Holland, Spain and Japan.