Penguin Press acquires Sue Black's guide to coding

Penguin Press acquires Sue Black's guide to coding

Penguin Press imprint Pelican is publishing a user guide to coding by scientist and author Dr Sue Black OBE in autumn 2018.

World rights in Coding: A User Guide by Sue Black were acquired by commissioning editor Casiana Ionita from Toby Mundy.

Black is an honorary professor in Computer Science at UCL, the founder of BCSWomen, a network for women in tech, and leader of the campaign to save Bletchley Park, the home of WW2 codebreakers which led to her first book, Saving Bletchley Park (Unbound). She was awarded an OBE in 2016.

Her new book, designed to be "fun" and "accessible", will describe the past, present and future of coding, exploring where it fits in the world of technology, and teaching the basics of building computer games, apps and internet sites. It will look at how coding affects popular culture, explains hacking and cyber security, and show how early pioneers like Ada Lovelace came up with the idea of software nearly 200 years ago. Readers will have learnt basic coding by the time they complete the book, promises Penguin Press.

Ionita said: "Sue is a fantastic communicator and you could wish for no better guide to the world of coding. I’m convinced she will write the most accessible, fun and brilliant book – and that after reading it, we’ll all be ready to roll up our sleeves and start programming in Python."