Penguin: "no comment" on Morrissey rumours

Penguin: "no comment" on Morrissey rumours

Penguin is refusing to comment on speculation about a forthcoming autobiography from Morrissey.

A fansite dedicated to the former Smiths frontman has claimed that the publisher is planning to release the autobiography in the UK and Europe, and that both parties are "determined to publish in the next few weeks."

The statement follows a previous story on the site which claimed that a deal with Penguin had collapsed following "last-minute content disagreement", alleging that the book was originally due to be released on 16th September.

Penguin has refused to comment on whether it has a book deal with Morrissey, or any publishing schedule related to a potential book.

No listing for a book has appeared on Nielsen or Amazon.

The singer first claimed to be writing a memoir in 2011, telling Radio 4 programme Front Row he had written 600 pages, and wanted it to be printed as a Penguin Classic. A Penguin spokesperson at the time said there was a "natural fit", and would like to discuss the opportunity.

Since the fansite claimed that the deal had collapsed, Melville House marketing director Zelijka Marosevic wrote an open letter to Morrissey, urging him to sign with them.