Penguin makes South Korea move

<p>Penguin has signed an agreement with Woongjin Think Big Co, one of the largest trade publishers in South Korea, to publish its Classics in South Korea. According to the publisher, Penguin will become the first English language publisher to publish classics in Korean.</p><p>Penguin will publish up to 50 Classics in 2008 with more to follow each year thereafter. The books will carry the Penguin Classics livery with Korean text and joint Penguin/Woongjin branding. The books will include Korean translations of existing Penguin editorial along with fresh translations into Korean of the original texts commissioned by Woongjin. </p><p>John Makinson, Penguin chairman and chief executive, said: &quot;We&#39;re thrilled to be able to announce this important partnership with Woongjin. With its very strong reading culture South Korea is a particularly exciting market for publishers. We are confident that the Penguin Classics will be savoured and enjoyed there.&quot; Bongsoo Choi, Woongjin Think Big president and c.e.o., said: &quot;I am very proud and honoured to publish this Penguin Classics series, which I remember reading as a young man.&quot;</p><p>The Korean editions of Penguin Classics will be published from May by Penguin Classics Korea, a new imprint under Woongjin&#39;s imprint &#39;Edition PPUL&#39;. PPUL&#39;s publisher Sangsoon Park will take charge of Penguin Classics Korea.</p><p>The move follows Penguin&#39;s announcement that it would publish its Classics in Chinese in cooperation with the Chongqing Publishing Group in China. Random House has also announced plans to launch Vintage Classics in Mandarin. </p>