Penguin makeover for Coe and Barker

<p>Penguin is repackaging Pat Barker and Jonathan Coe in a bid to lift sales of their books this summer.</p><p>The Barker relaunch on 7th August will be spearheaded by the release of Life Class alongside a new linked look for the three books which form The Regeneration Trilogy. The retro restyling will be followed by a makeover of the remainder of Barker&#39;s oeuvre.</p><p>&quot;The basic concept is a graphic timeline that physically links the books together,&quot; said senior designer Nathan Burton. &quot;Aesthetically I wanted to get a feel of the period so I looked at posters of the time for inspiration, but brought it up to date with the colouring and typography.&quot; All titles will be &pound;7.99 paperbacks.</p><p>The revamp of the Coe backlist, intended to entice more female readers, features &quot;ironic&quot; photographic jacket designs. It is timed to coincide with the paperback release of <em>The Rain Before it Falls </em>in June. Assistant editor Jon Elek said that print runs of Coe&#39;s backlist will vary from around 3,000 for some of the earlier books, such as <em>Touch of Love</em> and <em>Accidental Woman</em>, up to 12,000 for <em>The Rotters&#39; Club</em>.</p><p>&quot;I think the underlying message of this backlist initiative is that we&#39;re really behind Coe, and think he&#39;s genuinely a writer that people will enjoy if they haven&#39;t found him already,&quot; said Elek. All of the Coe reissues will be priced at &pound;7.99 in paperback.<br /></p>