Penguin Life wins three-way auction for Lancaster's Bridge

Penguin Life wins three-way auction for Lancaster's Bridge

Penguin Life has won a three-way auction for the debut non-fiction book from coach, therapist and founder of personal development programme The Bridge Retreat, Donna Lancaster. 

Editorial director Emily Robertson bought world rights for The Bridge from Valeria Huerta at the Valeria Huerta Creative Literary Agency and will publish as a hardback in April 2022.

The publisher said: “The Bridge will be a practical, supportive, seven-step programme that empowers you with the tools needed to gain clarity and learn how to release the pain, fear and anger keeping you trapped and help you move towards whole-hearted living. This book is for anyone struggling to get beyond pain, heartbreak or overwhelming emotion, who wants to live with more joy and compassion. Every single one of us is living with the aftershocks of heartbreak. Whether it’s the sting of not fitting in at school or the pain of witnessing our parents’ divorce, the end of our own marriage or the death of a loved one.”

Lancaster has worked as a coach and therapist for 30 years and was formerly the head of teaching at the Hoffman Institute UK.

She said: “I am so excited to share with you all of the core elements from The Bridge Retreat that support people to create meaningful and long-lasting change in their lives. From my 30 years' experience of working in the therapeutic field, I will share with you all that I have learned and remembered along the way, including what really works and what’s possible for your life. Many of these approaches to healing have been around for hundreds of years including the use of ancient rituals, community witnessing and sharing, and grief and body-based release work. This book is ultimately about hope. It will be a guide book back to your true self. The person you were before the world broke your heart… It is about freedom.”

Robertson added: “I’m thrilled to be working alongside Donna Lancaster to bring this important project to life and help people create long and lasting change in their lives. Her 30 years of therapeutic expertise combined with her profound experiences with clients at The Bridge Retreat make her the perfect author for the Life list. As well as helping you heal, this powerful book will leave you feeling hopeful, which is exactly what we all need right now.”