Penguin Life wins five-way auction for Foster's Life Time

Penguin Life wins five-way auction for Foster's Life Time

Penguin Life has triumphed in a five-way auction for Life Time, a guide to using the science of the body clock to create the optimum personal routine by Russell Foster.

Tom Killingbeck, editorial director, acquired world all-language rights to Life Time: The New Science of the Body Clock and How It Can Revolutionize Your Health from Rebecca Carter at Janklow & Nesbit. It will be published in March 2022.

The synopsis states: “In Life Time, Professor Russell Foster, a world-leading expert on circadian neuroscience, takes us on a fascinating journey through our days and nights. Using surprising examples and cutting-edge science, he busts long-standing myths about the best daily routine: from how to use light for a better night’s sleep, to using meal times to supercharge your metabolism; from the optimal time to have sex for conception, to the extraordinary effects the time we take medication can have on our risk of life-threatening conditions such as strokes. In the 21st century we have thrown away an essential part of our biology. But with science, we can get back into the rhythm, and live healthier, sharper lives.”

Foster is a professor of circadian neuroscience, director of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNi) and head of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology at the University of Oxford. He is also a fellow at Brasenose College, the Royal Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Society of Biology. He helped establish and was the first chair of the Public Engagement Committee at the Royal Society, and chaired the Cheltenham Science Festival for six years. He frequently contributes to newspapers, television and radio, including an appearance on "Desert Island Discs".

He said: “Instead of being recognised as loyal friends, biological rhythms are frequently portrayed as illnesses that need a cure, or even worse, as enemies that need to be wrestled and subdued. I am very excited to be able to present the science behind how we might embrace these rhythms for our health, happiness and a good night’s sleep.”

Killingbeck added: “I’m so excited that Russell will be sharing the wisdom of a world-renowned career in the sciences in this book. Russell isn’t just a leading expert on circadian rhythms, he’s an incredibly entertaining and engaging writer who is adept at communicating science and converting it into practical advice. This book will improve lives, especially after the disruption of Covid-19, and all of us at Penguin Life are thrilled to be publishing it.”