Penguin Life to publish guide to 'guilt-free' pregnancy and birth

Penguin Life to publish guide to 'guilt-free' pregnancy and birth

Penguin Life is publishing pregnancy guru Rebecca Shiller’s "empowering" guide, Your No-Guilt Pregnancy Plan, in March 2018.

The book will be a complete guide to pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks of motherhood by the c.e.o. of charity Birthrights, Schiller, who has experience supporting women through all kinds of pregnancies and births, both as a doula and in her role as a campaigner and advisor. 

The manual aims to put women at the heart of every single decision and provide readers with practical know-how and confidence to be the experts on their own body while learning how to look after their minds.

Emily Robertson, editorial director at Penguin Life, who acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Julia Silk at MBA Literary Agency, predicted the book would become a "pregnancy essential" bought by friends and family for expecting mums. 

“I’m so happy to welcome Rebecca to Penguin Life as our go-to pregnancy and childbirth expert," she said. "Her warmth, expertise and pure determination to make sure that every woman is equipped with the know-how to ensure positive experience of birth is completely awe-inspiring. Her book will be the pregnancy essential bought for friends and family for many years to come.”

“I want to change the way we prepare for mothering forever," Schiller added. "I'm proud and thrilled to be working with Penguin Life to kick-start this revolution and help pregnant women plan for the real-life highs, lows and changes to come without any guilt, judgement, or bullshit. This is the book I would like to have had on my bedside table eight years ago. And I hope it will turn every pregnant woman, no matter who she is and what she needs, into her very own expert.”