Penguin Life to publish Brunner's guide to healing trauma

Penguin Life to publish Brunner's guide to healing trauma

Penguin Life has acquired Find Your True Voice, a "timely and compelling" first book from psychotherapist and personal empowerment and transformation coach Emmy Brunner.

Brunner has over 20 years experience in both the business and clinical worlds. She is the c.e.o. and founder of The Recover Clinic, an outpatient service treating sufferers of trauma, depression, body dysmorphia, anxiety and eating disorders. 

The synopsis for Find Your True Voice reads: "Trauma is felt and left unresolved by many of us. No matter how big, small, or seemingly insignificant, it’s something we’ve all experienced and no two experiences with trauma are ever the same. Even if we’re not aware of it, we all bear wounds from the past that hold us back in our everyday lives. Brunner redefines what it means to experience trauma and gently guides you through the process of healing with eleven empowering steps that are guaranteed to help you gain full control over your journey to happiness and better mental health. Find Your True Voice will help you tackle critical internal narratives, identify past traumas, find healthy coping strategies and step into your power."

Editorial director, Emily Robertson, bought world rights directly from the author. The title will be published on 20th May 2021 for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Robertson commented: "Trauma is a subject that is often overlooked and seen as something at the extreme end of the mental health spectrum. The truth is, we all have some degree of trauma in our lives and we’ve been collectively living through a traumatic event for the last year, and many of us don’t know how to work with that trauma and move on from it. Emmy’s warm, friendly approach and her easy to follow programme is exactly what we all need, whatever we’ve lived through and wherever we are right now."

Brunner said: "Having been on a personal journey of healing from my own unresolved trauma, I wanted to create a program that combines this experience with my clinical background so I could empower people to start their own healing process without needing to see a professional. We all have the power to transform ourselves, and this book provides the reader with the tools to take those first steps toward a joyful change that is within reach.

Brunner also developed The Brunner Project, a social enterprise that funds treatment and opportunities to support women throughout the UK.