Penguin Life lands Rossi's book on plant-based eating

Penguin Life lands Rossi's book on plant-based eating

Penguin Life has landed Dr Megan Rossi's book on plant-based eating, Eat More, Live Well: Enjoy Your Favourite Food and Boost Your Gut Health with The Diversity Diet, to be published 30th December 2021.

The publisher acquired world rights from Richard Pike at C&W Agency. The book boasts more than 80 recipes, as well as cooking tips and three menu plans that make it easier and tastier than ever to increase your plant intake and enjoy your favourite foods.

The publisher said: "It has never been so delicious to eat healthily. Forget cutting things out, the diversity diet is all about adding more plant-based foods into your meals, feeding our gut more fibre, adding more flavour to your plate and nourishing your body in the process. From lasagne to raspberry and white chocolate muffins, these recipes prove you don't have to sacrifice flavour or enjoyment to hit the recommended 30 plant points a week—which includes fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices. The science shows that this approach can increase your energy, boost your mood, regulate your digestion, find your happy weight and slash your risk of chronic disease."

Dr Rossi is a registered dietitian with an award-winning PhD in gut health. She is a research fellow at King’s College London, investigating nutrition-based therapies in gut health as well as leading a gut-health clinic in Harley Street. She has also created a range of products called Bio&Me that are stocked in all major supermarkets, and has launched her online platform, Inner Community. 

She said: "I am so excited to launch this book. It is all about embracing a delicious way of eating that is good for you, your gut microbes and the planet—and it’s an approach based on facts, not fads. After my first book focused on helping tackle digestive issues and start readers on their journey to great gut health, I’ve had thousands of requests for more information on how to eat in a way that’s giving our bodies and our gut microbes what they need. And it really is simply: eat more plants."

Editor Amy McWalters and editorial director Emily Robertson added: "We are so proud of this brilliant new book from Megan, she has created a simple and delicious approach to plant-based food that we hope will change the way we all think about healthy eating. Based on the latest gut-health science, all of the recipes are packed with plants, but you’ll still find meat, dairy and eggs in there, because it’s all about diversity—eating more, not less. Megan’s love of food shines through every page and we can’t wait to see people enjoying her tasty creations."