Penguin Life lands 'eye-opening' guide to balancing love and work

Penguin Life lands 'eye-opening' guide to balancing love and work

Penguin Life is to publish the “definitive book on how to balance relationships and work for a happier and more fulfilled life” by professor Jennifer Petriglieri.

Lydia Yadi, commissioning editor at Penguin General for Penguin Business and Penguin Life, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to Couples that Work: How to Thrive in Love and at Work from Zoe Pagnamenta at the Zoe Pagnamenta Agency. The book will be published on 10th October 2019 by Penguin Life, priced at £14.99.

“Whilst most career advice is targeted at individuals, treating major career decisions as if we’re flying solo—without partners, children, siblings, friends, or aging parents to consider—Couples that Work re-frames career advice through the lens of how to balance your ambition at work with your ambition for your relationship,” the synopsis reads. 

Penguin Life said: “Couples that Work is the first book to move away from the language of sacrifice, and instead focuses on how couples can resolve the challenges they will face together at every stage of their work-life journey. Through the findings of her study, Jennifer identifies three key phases of exploration and personal growth in every couple's journey, showing how couples must navigate these together in order to strengthen their bond.” 

Petriglieri is a British professor in the Organisational Behaviour Department at business school INSEAD in Paris. She is program director for the Management Acceleration Program and the Women Leaders Program. She has spent five years studying more than a hundred dual-career couples for the book, whose countries, backgrounds, ages, cultures, careers and situations are as varied as humankind itself. Combining academic research, observational psychology and detailed story-telling, the book also draws on her own marriage to her husband and co-worker Gianpiero Petriglieri.  

Yadi said: "This is the first book to offer a deep understanding of the way in which our professional and our personal lives are intertwined, providing thoughtful and practical solutions to every potential problem that crops up when we try to build a successful career and a happy relationship at the same time. Eye-opening and transformative, I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves thinking about the pressures of balancing career and love, whether they are currently looking for a partner or been married for 30 years."

Petriglieri said of the deal with Penguin Life: "The team have been a joy to work with, and a constant source of ideas and encouragement. Their enthusiasm about the book’s significance and timeliness has sustained my own. From the beginning, they grasped the struggle that couples face when juggling two careers and shared my aspiration to help those dual-career couples thrive in love and in work.”