Penguin has its final Great Ideas

<p>Penguin will launch a third and final tranche of its Great Ideas series in August. The 20 titles, coming as &pound;4.99 A-format paperbacks, will include works by Camus, Plutarch, Trotsky and Nietzsche.</p><p>Penguin Classics publisher Adam Freudenheim said the latest collection would be typically eclectic. &quot;Walter Benjamin&#39;s <em>The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction</em> has never been published before in Penguin Classics, it&#39;s a new translation, and it&#39;s one of the best essays of the 20th century,&quot; he said. </p><p>Freudenheim also highlighted Robert Burton&#39;s <em>Some Anatomies of Melancholy</em> and Adam Smith&#39;s <em>The Invisible Hand</em>. &quot;The idea behind the series was to include individual great works but also to look at some long works which are difficult as a whole&mdash;Burton&#39;s <em>Anatomy of Melancholy</em> is a massive tome and almost no one reads it, but an extract is very satisfying.&quot;</p><p>Freudenheim predicted that the latest line-up would perform well because, as with the first set of Great Ideas, Great Journeys and Great Loves series, it contains names with a broad appeal, such as Freud and Tolstoy. He also confirmed that this summer&#39;s 20 would probably complete the set: &quot;Sixty feels like a lot of great ideas, and if you went beyond that, you would begin to be scraping the barrel.&quot;</p>