Penguin acquires 'futuristic romance'

<p>Penguin has bought UK and Commonwealth rights to a new teen series, which it is predicting will kickstart a new trend of &#39;futuristic romance&#39;.&#8232;</p><p>Amanda Punter, publisher at Razorbill, Penguin&#39;s new young adult list, &#8232;bought three books by author Ally Condie at auction from Angharad Kowal of &#8232;Writers House for a &quot;substantial six figure&quot; sum. </p><p>The first book in the &#8232;series, <em>Matched,</em> has already been sold into 15 languages. It will be &#8232;published in the US and UK in November 2010 and in the other global&#8232; territories in spring 2011.&#8232;</p><p>Condie shares an agent, Writers House&#39;s Jodi Reamer, with Stephenie Meyer.&#8232;</p><p>In a statement Penguin said when Reamer first read <em>Matched</em> it &quot;generated in her the same kind of excitement as when she read <em>Twilight</em> for the first&#8232; time&quot;.&#8232;</p><p>The novel is about 17 year old Cassia, who is about to&#8232; be matched for life with her perfect partner. But her &quot;world falls apart when she falls in love with someone else&quot;. </p><p>The publisher said: &quot;With its unique depiction of a claustrophobic, dystopian future, it is an extraordinary novel reminiscent of <em>The Handmaid&#39;s Tale, Nighteen-eighty-four</em> and Kazuo Ishiguro&#39;s <em>Never Let Me Go.</em>&quot;&#8232;</p><p>Punter said: &quot;We were all blown away by this remarkable novel, which is&#8232; utterly compulsive and intelligent, and which has at its heart a love story &#8232;that packs as much punch as its ideas.&quot;</p>