Pembrokeshire reviews mobile libraries


The mobile library service run by Pembrokeshire County Council, used by about 1% of the county’s population, is to be reviewed in a bid to save money.
The council has three mobile libraries, and the service has run since the 1950s.
According to the Milford Mercurythe service faces a number of issues, including an old fleet which is prone to breakdowns, a small number of users and a lack of ICT provision.
A report put before cabinet earlier this week said that the majority of the mobile library service’s users “are in higher income communities with very high levels of car ownership”.
The report also said book issues from the single largest vehicle were down 70%.
Reading from the report, cabinet member for culture, sport and leisure, Cllr Elwyn Morse said: “In the context of both the council’s medium term finance strategy requirement to deliver savings, and the declining use of the existing service, it is proposed to undertake a review of the mobile library service, including consultation with users and others.
“The review will include an assessment of the availability and accessibility of alternative services.”