Pearson to offer online degrees with Manchester Metropolitan University

Pearson to offer online degrees with Manchester Metropolitan University

Pearson has partnered with Manchester Metropolitan University to offer online degree programmes.

The 10-year partnership will deliver a range of courses, but the first three to launch in September from the university’s Business School include: MBA in Strategic Health and Social Care and MSc in International HR Management and MSc in International Finance and Management.

Under the partnership, online course content, virtual teaching and tutoring, and other student services will continue to be provided by the university’s academics. Pearson will provide online course development, domestic and international student recruitment, learning management system hosting, student support and retention services. The partnership will be formally unveiled in a speech at the Northern Powerhouse Conference in Manchester on 21st February.

Pearson c.e.o John Fallon said: “Online degree programmes are a growing global trend in education and an important part of Pearson’s future. Universities are looking for ways to take advantage of technology to reach more students. Our partnership with Manchester Metropolitan will help deliver postgraduate qualifications in areas of high skill demand to thousands of students in the UK and around the world.”

Professor Jean-Noel Ezingeard, deputy vice-chancellor at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “As a university, we are known for our innovation in education and the partnership with Pearson ensures students across the globe will be able to benefit from the same high-quality teaching and lectures as on our campuses in the UK. All teaching will be underpinned by the same rigorous standards and attainment targets we see with our UK-based programmes.”

Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester Mayor, said: “Manchester is a global hub for commerce, trade and academic excellence. It’s fantastic to see this partnership being pioneered in our city. It will enable even more students to access the great education offered by one of our world leading universities and further strengthen Manchester’s international reputation."

Pearson announced in October it was teaming up with The University of Exeter to develop online degrees and work together on international research. The publisher currently provides online services to approximately 40 universities in the US, and in total around 200,000 students are enrolled in online degree programmes supported by Pearson around the world.

Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the UK’s largest universities with 38,000 students, in the top three nationally for environmental sustainability and in the top 3% of global universities.