Pearson adds to iBookstore textbooks

Pearson adds to iBookstore textbooks

Pearson has developed a new range of its bestselling textbooks for the iBookstore market in the UK, Australia and Canada. The books use video, audio, assessment, interactive images and 3D animations.

Pearson's announcement of the new books came as Apple c.e.o. Tim Cook said the iPad had been "embraced by education" as a learning tool, with iBooks textbooks now available for 80% of the US high school core curriculum.

Cook was speaking at this week's launch of new Apple devices, including the iPad Mini, as well as a new version of its iBooks Author software, which Cook said would make it even easier for publishers to create interactive textbooks.

Pearson's new UK titles include a version of Revise Edexcel GCSE Maths for secondary students, which includes tutorial videos, quizzes and a puzzle involving the building of 3D structures that match plan and elevation views. Another title, Anatomy and Physiology for Beauty Therapy, includes colour illustrations, photography and videos as well as interactive knowledge and progress checks.

The Australian titles include textbooks on history, science and maths, while some science titles previously released in the US are now being made available in Canada.

Pearson chief information officer and director of digital strategy Genevieve Shore said the company was delighted to be bringing its interative textbooks to a wider global audience. "Our tablet-using students consistently ask for richer, more engaging interactive books and textbooks, and we've certainly delivered that in the shape of the illustrations, photography, videos, puzzles and quizzes that really bring learning to life for our readers," she said.