Pay as you read site hoping to raise $50,000

A start-up is hoping to create a new digital publishing platform for independent authors that will allow people to purchase books by paying as they read. As You Read is seeking funding via crowd-sourcing website Indiegogo, and is hoping to raise $50,000 to fully launch the project.

The planned website will host content written by independent authors and curated by the As You Read team. Readers buy credits that allow them to access stories which will be paid for in instalments, costing more credits each time the reader goes through another 10,000 words.

As You Read plans to create an app allowing stories to be read on mobile phones and tablets, as well as through computer web browsers.

When a book is complete and fully paid for, readers would then be able to download the book to their e-reader.

The site has been set up by Deana Said, a sales and marketing manager, and her brother Fehed, a web designer and operations manager who has also written comic books. Deana said: “We both had ideas of creating something in this area and we thought there was a space for a service which allowed you to pay as you go. If people find a book isn’t for them they can move on to the next one without feeling like they have wasted money on it.”

More information is on and  The duo have so far raised $400.