Pavilion signs Miso Tasty

Pavilion signs Miso Tasty

Pavilion has signed the new cookbook by London-based food start-up Miso Tasty, written by the founder Bonnie Chung.

Pavilion Books editor Emily Preece-Morrison acquired world rights to the book from Charlie Campbell at Kingsford Campbell and Fiona Smith at Smith & Baxter.

Miso Tasty: The Cookbook, to be released in August, will explore the "great versatility" of miso - a traditional Japanese staple food and seasoning. The book will "demonstrate the depth that it can bring to everyday cooking and how it is a vital ingredient in every cook’s kitchen". Chung (pictured) will share 60 recipes on how to enjoy this ingredient in both Japanese and non-Japanese dishes.

Preece-Morrison said: “It has been truly exciting to go on this voyage of discovery with Bonnie Chung, who is deeply knowledgeable on the subject of miso. The versatility of this ancient cooking paste has been a revelation and we feasted on delicious food throughout the book’s production. Bringing this ingredient to a wider audience is the author’s goal and she inspired us to share this aim at Pavilion.”

Chung said: “I’m very honoured to work with such a capable and esteemed food publisher which believes in the fascinating subject of miso as much as I do. It was fantastic to work with their talented team who took very seriously the vision I had for the book. I was delighted that parts of the book were shot in Japan, and this appreciation for the authentic story I wanted to tell about miso was key to why Pavilion were the chosen publisher for Miso Tasty.”

Miso Tasty is the only dedicated miso brand in the UK. Its products are stocked nationally in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Harvey Nichols, Ocado and Wholefoods.

Miso Tasty: The Cookbook will be published by Pavilion on August 2016 priced at £14.99.