Pavilion to publish ‘The Secret Life of Puppies’ TV Tie-In

Pavilion to publish ‘The Secret Life of Puppies’ TV Tie-In

Pavilion Books will publish the official companion to the "hugely successful" Channel 5 series "The Secret Life of Puppies" this October.

Publishing director Katie Cowan acquired world publishing rights from Brook Lapping Productions, the production company behind the Channel 5 series.

Filmed by specialists in natural history photography, the series follows some "very special puppies" through their first eight weeks of life – from the moment they are born to the moment they join their human family. During this "extraordinary" time, puppies experience "the most remarkable changes" – transforming from helpless, blind new-borns into capable canines. Every sight, sound and smell they encounter forms the building blocks of their personality and the series gives a "rare opportunity" to witness the world at every milestone from a puppy’s point of view.

The book, written by Sarah Whitehead, will feature puppies from the series, with developmental and behavioural information as well practical puppy-training tips.

Cowan said: “We were all hooked on this brilliant series from the very first episode. The insight to the early stages of puppy life is particularly amazing and we can’t wait to catch up with our favourite puppies in the new series.”

Book publication will coincide with transmission of the next series of the show, due to air on Channel 5 in the autumn.

The Secret Life of Puppies will be published by Pavilion on 13th October.