Curious Creatures in Marotta's next colouring book

Curious Creatures in Marotta's next colouring book

Millie Marotta’s next colouring book is entitled Curious Creatures and is set to be published in October.

Batsford publisher Tina Persaud acquired world rights to the title from Karolina Sutton at Curtis Brown.

Curious Creatures features a selection of the "most remarkable" animals on earth to colour in. From the Macaroni Penguin and Tibetan Fox, to the Devil Lionfish and Plumed Basilisk Lizard, Marotta’s "beautiful illustrations will bring to life birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and insects from all over the world".

Marotta said: "Curious Creatures has been so much fun to work on, from learning interesting things myself about the creatures to creating the actual illustrations. I'm really excited to be able to showcase an array of animals which are beautiful, of course, but also intriguing for their own particular qualities. Some were chosen for their peculiar behaviour, others for their striking physical appearance or even for their incredible survival skills. From the splendour of the Lion’s mane jellyfish to the downright bizarre yet utterly charming Duck-billed platypus. I'm thrilled to see how colouring continues to be embraced across the world and cannot wait to share my illustrations of these fascinating creatures with everyone in October.”

Polly Powell, owner and publisher of Pavilion Books, added: “Quite simply, Millie is a publishing phenomenon and we are incredibly proud of her here at Pavilion. Millie’s topped The Sunday Times and New York Times charts, and we know that readers far and wide will fall in love with Curious Creatures too.”

Millie Marotta’s Curious Creatures: A Colouring Book Advenure will be published on 6th October.