Patterson grant funds Torbay Bookshop offer

Patterson grant funds Torbay Bookshop offer

Torbay Bookshop has revitalised its relationships with local schools after unveiling an irresistible offer.

Matthew Clarke, co-owner of the bookshop, offered schools a 50% discount when they spent up to £200 on books, after the shop won a £2,000 grant from bestselling author James Patterson.

The American writer pledged to donate £250,000 to UK indies who pitched initiatives encouraging children to read, and Torbay Bookshop was successful in the first round of funding.

Nearly 20 schools have taken up the offer, with groups of schoolchildren selecting books with excitement. Some schools spent more than £200 on books, with Clarke enforcing a 20% discount on money spent beyond the £200 mark.

Clarke said: “James Patterson’s initiative has certainly been well received here.

All the children have been really excited to come and choose a book. I have been directing them towards Patterson’s Middle School series, and we have put together a photo book to pass onto him to say thank you.” He added: “It has been a great initiative for us, not only from a financial point of view, but also to reconnect with schools we might, for whatever reason, have lost a connection with.”

Pete Lawrence, headteacher of Torquay Boys’ Grammar School, wrote in a letter thanking Clarke: “In these times of shrinking budgets, every opportunity to save money, but at the same time provide better resources for our students, is very welcome.”

Altogether, 73 indies have been awarded grants from Patterson, with the second batch of beneficiaries to be announced in the coming weeks.