Pasquale's 'dark and surreal' horror stories to Caffeine Nights

Pasquale's 'dark and surreal' horror stories to Caffeine Nights

Caffeine Nights Publishing has signed world rights to a collection of "dark and surreal" horror stories from comedian Joe Pasquale.

Many of the stories in the collection, entitled Deadknobs and Doomsticks, have an underlying theme of bullying. One story follows a young boy being taken to see his grandad on his 102nd birthday and discovering the dark family secret which leads to the longevity of all his family, and another tells the story of an insomniac magician who hasn't slept for 20 years and emotionally bullies his assistant/wife.

Caffeine Nights managing director, Darren Laws, said: "Deadknobs & Doomsticks will appeal not only to his fanbase but lovers of horror stories. He has written some incredibly original, dark and quirky tales which his fans will love.

"Joe is a multi-talented author and artist with a great ability to keep readers hooked, writing in a genre which we feel will surprise many people. There is a theme of bullying running through many of the stories which highlight a multi-layered approach that Joe has taken with each story, even though they are wide ranging in settings and subject matter."

Deadknobs and Doomssticks will be published by Caffeine Nights on November 30th in hardback.