Paris blogger pens book deal

<p>The Independent reports that the Paris-based blogger Catherine Sanderson, better known online as La Petite Anglaise, has signed a six-figure book deal and is in discussions about a film of her life as a hassled ex-patriate with a colourful love life.</p><p>It is a remarkable turnaround in the fortunes of Ms Sanderson, who 10 months ago found herself unemployed with a young daughter and a hobby which resulted in her being sacked for &quot;gross misconduct&quot;. As news of her dismissal last April spread online, daily visits to the blog rose from 3,000 to 30,000. Amid a welter of publicity on both sides of the Channel, an auction resulted in Penguin signing a two-book deal for a &quot;mid-six-figure sum&quot;. The first book, based on how she met &quot;Mr Frog&quot;, her former French partner and the father of &quot;Tadpole&quot;, her four-year-old daughter, is due to be published in January.</p>