Paper book tokens to run dry this May

<p>National Book Tokens has confirmed it plans to stop supplying paper tokens to booksellers from 31st May this year. </p><p>The news was communicated to retailers for the first time this week. Paper vouchers will be valid &ldquo;indefinitely&rdquo;. However, retailers with unredeemed vouchers, who no longer wish to sell them on, can return them to NBT and receive credit, which can be used with the recently-launched electronic gift cards.</p><p>Stuart Mathews, managing director of NBT, said: &ldquo;As the majority of our customers have now moved across to the electronic gift card system, we have, as anticipated, confirmed that paper tokens will no longer be available from 31st May. We will of course continue to work with those customers who are yet to convert to electronic gift cards.&rdquo; </p><p>Meanwhile, at this year&rsquo;s Academic, Professional and Specialist conference in Bournemouth, the BA-owned operation was soliciting advice on student-specific e-cards, which it is planning to launch in a bid to target the &ldquo;away from home&rdquo; student market. A display at the conference said &ldquo;your views, advice and feedback welcome&rdquo;, adding the cards would be launching &ldquo;soon&rdquo;.</p>