Hodder brings forward exposé on MPs' finances

Hodder brings forward exposé on MPs' finances

Hodder has been prompted by the ongoing Panama Papers scandal to bring forward its publication of a probing book on Parliament by investigative journalist Martin Williams.

Parliament Ltd: A Journey to the Dark Heart of British Politics, announced in March, is Williams' first book and a revealing exploration of the way politicians are financed and how they finance themselves. It was first scheduled for July but will now be published on 26th May.

"We all deserve to know the truth about MPs’ financial interests, and I hope Parliament Ltd can help shed some light on the issue," said Williams. "David Cameron's offshore investment is the tip of the iceberg."

Hodder non-fiction publisher Rupert Lancaster called it "a really important book", adding: "It shows how much our democracy is under threat, not just from the kinds of practices that the Panama Papers have begun to reveal, but so much more."

Williams' work has made front page news, including a Guardian article about politicians’ links to tax havens and a series of articles for Private Eye on the issues surrounding the Winterbourne View care home scandal. He also co-presents a live comedy show called "Investigations" with comedian Josie Long, combining investigative journalism with stand-up. 

Hodder & Stoughton publish simultaneously in hardback, trade paperback and e-book.