Panama murder story to Duckworth

Panama murder story to Duckworth

Duckworth is to publish an examination of the crimes of William Dathan Holbert, who killed five American expats in Panama, entitled The Jolly Roger Social Club by Nick Foster.

David Marshall at Duckworth acquired UK & Commonwealth rights excluding Canada to the title from Sophie Lambert at Conville & Walsh.

In the wake of the Panama Papers, The Jolly Roger Social Club "delves deeper into a country now best known for tax-dodging by the rich and powerful. But individuals with more modest nest eggs are attracted to Panama, too – for personal, and often sinister, reasons".

Foster had unique access to the story: he interviewed Holbert in prison and won the confidence of members of the Bocas del Toro expat crowd. The Jolly Roger Social Club is an "eye-opening" read, showing Holbert – dubbed "the world's first capitalist serial killer" – to be a scheming, selfish character ready to kill for homes and cash. But it also asks the question: could Holbert's fellow expats have done more to prevent his killing spree?

Foster worked as an EU diplomat for nine years, serving in Venezuela and Brazil. He has also worked as a translator, press officer and football reporter. He now writes features for the Financial Times, the International New York Times and other outlets.

Emma Daley, publicity manager at Duckworth Publishers, said: "We are thrilled to be publishing the hugely topical The Jolly Roger Social Club. This book is the first of its kind – and it’s going to blow the true crime genre out of the water. Panama doesn't seem to be in a hurry to put Holbert and Reese on trial, and Nick Foster's book will undoubtedly ruffle some feathers over there."

Duckworth will publish The Jolly Roger Social Club by Nick Foster on the 14th July 2016.