Pan Macmillan explores science of the mind with two new buys

Pan Macmillan explores science of the mind with two new buys

Pan Macmillan has acquired two "major" neuroscience titles to build its non-fiction list in the area of pop-science.

How Your Emotions Are Made: The New Science of the Mind by Lisa Feldman Barrett will publish on 1st March, after UK and Commonwealth rights were acquired from Brockman Inc.

The book explores the "science of emotion" and its elevated status that puts it increasingly on par with other discoveries, such as of relativity in physics and natural selection in biology. Psychologist and neuroscientist Dr Barrett's research questions where emotions come from, whether they are universally expressed and recognised, how they affect the immune system and if there is a way to make your children more emotionally intelligent. A distinguished professor of psychology at Northeastern University, the author has also received a NIH Director's Pioneer Award for her research on emotion in the brain.

The second title is Mapping in the Mind: The neuroscience of navigation and the art of finding our way home by Michael Bond. World Rights were acquired from Bill Hamilton at AM Heath, to publish in 2018.

It explores the ideas that, in an age of GPS, not only are we becoming mentally lazy, but we are putting ourselves at serious health risk. Bond, a reporter at New Scientist and winner of the British Psychology Society Prize 2015, seeks to understand the impact technology is having on our brain, and the possibility that the same neurological pathways that allow us to navigate the world can be fired up in the pursuit of cures to brain wasting diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Non-fiction publisher Robin Harvie, who acquired both titles, said: “Today’s neuroscientists are at the cutting edge of psychology research, on a par with the Genome project at the turn of the millennium. These two books are hugely exciting and important and I am absolutely thrilled that Macmillan is joining forces with such outstanding writers like Michael Bond and Lisa Feldman Barrett in the pursuit of understanding of human psychology.”

Pan Macmillan also announced last week two "major" non-fiction titles intended to expand its pop-science list in 2017: Awake: The Surprising Myths About Self-Awareness and How to Have More of it in an Increasingly Self-Deluded World by Tasha Eurich and Blue Ocean Shift, by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.